How It Works

Custom built dash mounting in 2 simple steps.

Choose a inDash mount for your car’s make and model



Choose a docking station for your tablet or laptop



Enjoy a securely mounted device in your vehicle

InDash Mounts

InDash Mounts

The heavy-duty dashboard mounting solution. Engineered for safety and durability to suit ADR guidelines. Fully adjustable swivel head for versatile in-car computing.

Custom designed to fit your vehicle – no drilling or cutting required.

BMW Chrysler Ford
Holden Hyundai Isuzu
Iveco Kia Mazda
Mercedes-Benz Mitsubishi Nissan
Renault Scania Skoda
Subaru Toyota Volkswagen

Docking Stations

Docking Stations

Sturdy, durable docking stations for your tablet or detachable laptop, custom designed for a perfect fit. Secure your device with our lockable system for peace of mind. Lightweight and rugged aluminum chassis for stable display, in-motion and off-road.

Combine with an Industrial Evolution inDash mount for a complete mounting solution.

Apple ASUS Dell
Getac HP Microsoft
Motion Panasonic Samsung




The new generation of in-car mounting. Temporary, universal and fully portable. Designed for safety and versatility. Engineered to securely hold your laptop, tablet, PDA or GPS unit in place while driving. Pair with any Industrial Evolution docking station to mount your compatible display device.

The Surfboard is an innovative car mount for seamless mobile computing. Easy to install – no assembly required.

Available in standard, red timber and dark timber finish

Our Product Range

Bench Mount


Our Turn & Tilt Swivel Head allows the screen angle and direction to be adjusted ensuring a comfortable, ergonomic viewing position in any application. The Bench Mount is perfect for mounting the Swivel Head onto any flat surface.

InDash Mount for Isuzu D-Max (2018-20)


The Isuzu D-Max (2018-20) InDash Mount sits securely between the car’s air conditioning and stereo controls, giving both driver and passenger unobstructed access to all the car’s creature comforts. It utilises existing secure mounting points behind the car’s dashboard, so there’s no need for drilling or cutting!

Our Turn & Tilt Swivel Head allows the screen angle and direction to be adjusted ensuring a comfortable, ergonomic viewing position for both driver and passenger.

Check out our huge range of iPad, tablet, notebook & laptop Docking Stations to safely secure your display device into your new D-Max.

Turn & Tilt Swivel Head


Our Turn & Tilt Swivel Head allows the screen angle and direction to be adjusted ensuring a comfortable, ergonomic viewing position in any application.

Choose either the Short or Long U-bracket. The Short U-bracket is great on InDash Mounts and Post Mounts. The Long U-bracket is better suited to Bench Mounts and Back of Seat Mount applications where extra height is needed.

Can be fitted with a magnet, which when used in conjuction with a screen blanking switch, will turn off the display when the screen is facing the driver while the vehicle is in motion.

VESA Plate – F


VESA Plate – F is designed to secure your larger display device onto the Swivel Head. It features a 100 x 100mm hole layout.

Docking Station Plate – Offset


The Docking Station Plate – Offset is designed to perfectly secure your new Industrial Evolution Docking Station onto the Swivel Head. It features a 75 x 75mm hole layout. Large countersunk bolts provide increased strength.

This plate will offset your Docking Station 75mm to the left or right of the Swivel Head. Additionally, it can either raise or lower your Docking Station by 75mm. Please select options above.

Suitable for all Industrial Evolution Docking Stations.

InDash Mount for Toyota LandCruiser 200 (2016+)


*Please check images to make sure this is the correct InDash Mount for your series Toyota LandCruiser 200*

InDash Mount for Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series (2016+)

Turn & Tilt Swivel Head

VESA Plate

Necessary Fasteners & Hardware

Works with

Any Industrial Evolution Docking Station

Screen Blanking Switch


Apple iPad Pro 2019 Otterbox 10.5″ Docking Station


The Apple iPad 2019 Pro (10.5 inch)  Dock has been designed around our lightweight & rugged aluminium chassis. The construction and durable materials give the Dock a solid and sturdy feel.

This dock requires an Otterbox protective case. Please note: The protective case is not supplied by Industrial Evolution and must be purchased separately.

All Industrial Evolution docks easily mount to our Turn & Tilt Swivel Head using a standard 75mm VESA plate (also supplied).

Our universal aluminium chassis can be customised to suit almost any tablet and laptop. If your notebook, tablet or monitor is not on our list, contact us about a custom Docking Station with your make & model.