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Industrial Evolution is a design, engineering and manufacturing company based in Sydney, Australia. Since 2000 we have grown to become Australia’s leading manufacturer of computer mounting solutions and specialised safety products for clients with fleet and mobile technology requirements.

We are dedicated to developing innovative product solutions by taking a needs-based consultative approach with our clients. We strive to provide durable, high quality products that will prove themselves in the field and stand the test of time.

In this competitive industry, we've consistently proven our ongoing level of innovation. With our design and engineering expertise and dedicated supply chain, we are able to develop products from concept to production while holding development time and costs to a minimum.


Whether you need to mount a laptop, tablet, PDA or printer in your car, truck or anywhere else, Industrial Evolution has the expertise and capabilities to help your business take the next step in mobile computing.

Take a look at our extensive product range to find a product or system to suit your needs.