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Laptop Car Mount

Your business is on the road. Take your laptop with you.

Advanced users and customers who spend the majority of their business hours in their vehicles often elect to use full sized laptops such as the Panasonic Toughbook or Getac V100. Running a powerful laptop gives users desktop-grade hardware in a compact, mobile package. When securely mounted into a vehicle, this enables users to multitask and effectively coordinate their business from the road.

Docking Station Types

Docking Station for Getac V100 & V200


Docking Station for Getac V110


Docking Station for Panasonic Toughbook CF-19


Mount Types

*Popular!* In Dash Mount for Ford Ranger PX (2016+)


In Dash Mount for Holden Commodore VF (2013-17)


*Popular!* In Dash Mount for Toyota Hilux (2014-15)


In Dash Mount for Hyundai Tucson (2016+)


Back of Seat Mount for Hino 500 FD & Ranger Series (2001+)


Bench Mount




To find a mounting solution that suits your needs, browse through the Industrial Evolution range of vehicle mounts including In Dash Mounts, Post Mounts, Back of Seat Mounts and our portable Surfboard solution. Our range of laptop Docking Stations are built on a strong aluminium chassis, and provide a secure, key-lockable solution for mounting your laptop safely in your vehicle.


Which laptops are compatible with these docking stations?

Generally speaking any laptop that measures 158 x 240mm or larger can be accommodated on our Docking Stations. However we recommend using a convertible-style laptop in your vehicle with a rotating or fold-over screen. This reduces the amount of real estate the laptop takes up on your dashboard, freeing up vital space in your vehicle cabin.

What do I do if my laptop is not on the list?

Contact us! We design all our docking station parts in-house and are always expanding our catalogue of laptop Docking Stations. If your brand or model isn’t available, we’ll be more than happy to design a brand new Docking Station just for you.

Do you need to use a protective case on your laptop while docked?

It depends on each specific laptop. Most rugged laptops like the Panasonic ToughBook feature rubberised protective corners, meaning no extra protective case needs to be used.

Are any ports covered while the laptop is docked?

It depends on each specific laptop. We design all our laptop Docking Stations with the aim of keeping cable entry and charging ports free for use. So you can plug in your USB device and/or charge your laptop while it’s docked. Although we aim to keep maximum functionality of each laptop, certain models may have some ports covered to facilitate a more secure fit onto the Docking Station.

Popular Applications


The Surfboard is designed to fit into any type of vehicle. Simply hook it under the seat back, wrap the seatbelt around and you’re good to go! The best part is you can quickly remove the Surfboard and install it into another vehicle just as fast.

In Cars

For passenger cars, our most popular option is to fasten your Laptop Docking Station onto an In Dash Mount to suit your vehicle. This combination seamlessly integrates the Laptop into the vehicle’s dashboard.

In Vans and Trucks

If you drive a van or a truck, we recommend you securely fasten your Laptop Docking Station onto a Post Mount or Back of Seat Mount depending on your vehicle.