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iPad Car Mount

Securely mount your iPad into your car with our great options.

Industrial Evolution is Australia's premier manufacturer of vehicle mounting solutions and computer docking stations for customers across the public and private sector. Servicing customers both locally and abroad, our extensive product range covers numerous vehicle models and applications from hard mounted in dash mounts to lockable aluminium docking stations that keep your expensive equipment secure.

Docking Station Types

Docking Station for Apple iPad Air 1


Mount Types

*Popular!* In Dash Mount for Ford Ranger PX (2016+)


In Dash Mount for Holden Commodore VF (2013-17)


*Popular!* In Dash Mount for Toyota Hilux (2014-15)


In Dash Mount for Hyundai Tucson (2016+)


Back of Seat Mount for Hino 500 FD & Ranger Series (2001+)


Bench Mount




Flexible and accessible platforms such as the Apple iPad require no less attention than their costly rivals, offering all of the performance and functionality of industry specific, ruggedised hardware in a lightweight, user friendly package. By pairing an iPad with either the aftermarket sealed case OtterBox or Survivor and an Industrial Evolution aluminium docking station you can create a durable, affordable, mobile computing and connectivity platform that can empower your staff and allow you to manage your vehicles while out on site or working remotely.


Which iPad versions are compatible with these docking stations?

iPad 2, 3 & 4 is compatible with our Docking Station for Apple iPad (2-4).

iPad Air 1 & 2 is compatible with our Docking Station for Apple iPad Air (1 & 2).

Which protective cases are compatible with these docking stations?

Both versions of our iPad Docking Station are designed to be used in conjunction with either an OtterBox or Survivor protective case. Both cases have been tested for their durability and shock absorption properties. This adds an extra layer of strength and shock protection to your iPad.

Can you use the Home/volume/power buttons while the iPad is docked?

Yes. Our iPad Docking Stations do not hinder the use of any buttons or functions of your iPad.

Can you use the iPad without a protective case?

No. Listening to customer feedback, we wanted to avoid scratching your iPad and have specifically designed the Docking Stations to be used with the protective iPad cases mentioned above.

Popular Applications


The Surfboard is designed to fit into any type of vehicle. Simply hook it under the seat back, wrap the seatbelt around and you’re good to go! The best part is you can quickly remove the Surfboard and install it into another vehicle just as fast.

In Cars

For passenger cars, our most popular option is to fasten your iPad Docking Station onto an In Dash Mount to suit your vehicle. This combination seamlessly integrates the iPad into the vehicle’s dashboard.

In Vans and Trucks

If you drive a van or a truck, we recommend you securely fasten your iPad Docking Station onto a Post Mount or Back of Seat Mount depending on your vehicle.